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60" x 72"
Acrylic, Wood, Plastic, Cloth and Paper on Canvas.
Exhibited at the Grand Palais in Paris, France.

In 2010, the Hatian tragedy deaply moved me, and I expressed this in an emotional painting. Limiting color and embedding items such as children's toys and implements, this cry of the heart is a memorial to all who perished and suffered during this disaster.

The situation in Haiti and other parts of the world has produced many orphans who are becoming street children and descending into nefarious forms of slavery. Newspapers, magazines, and our own State Department catalogues report such atrocities on a regular basis.

As an artist, how can I express my outrage and pain in such a world, which fails to learn from its own history?

This painting evokes my concern with the duality of the human sould - its beauty and its bestiality -  and seeks to raise the consciousness of the viewer to these elements.

Haiti details

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