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My paintings reflect and  explore qualities of time, place and subject. Inspiration varies: travel, studies of Asian  and other art, news clippings contemporary issues all compel  me to search for emotional essence.  The paintings mirror the passage of time. They are painted to music, and the brushstrokes have their own tempo. Stasis and motion co-exist as the viewer moves before the canvas.


My work concerns process, incorporating layering, calligraphic mark and impasto revealing the artist’s hand.  The formal aspects of artistic creation such as compositional elements are subliminally utilized. Whether installation, collage painting, or a painted work on canvas these elements apply. My painting evokes viewer participation, just as music engages listeners in an artistry that they both feel and seek to understand.  While most of my paintings deal with the beauty of human aspiration, in many installations the subject is the duality of the human soul—Beauty as well as Bestiality.


To express such concerns I have created sculpture and multi-media installations incorporating found objects, wood, plastic, metal, fabric and paint in works on canvas as well as three dimensional installations.  It is exceptionally thrilling to be accepted into museum collections  and  rewarding  to be in public and private collections both in the U.S. and abroad.


Simultaneously the object of my work is to raise the conscious of the viewer to issues.  The metaphorical elements seek to involve the viewer. I can give what is personally and professionally possible, but that is only half of what my art is and can be. The other half is based upon the viewer’s emotions, experience and concerns. When both halves meet, that is my magic moment.



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